7 members help identify the value of a REALTOR® for consumers

In the July issue of Illinois REALTOR®, Matt Difanis, Tommy Choi, Nick Libert, Wayne Paprocki, Max Mitchell, Tonya Corder and Vicky Turner highlight the difference-making skills and insights our members can provide consumers.

In the cover story titled, “The value of a REALTOR®,” these members tap into their experiences and remind us why they decided to take the extra steps to become REALTORS®. They also identify advantages REALTORS® gain when they pursue continuing education, follow a code of ethics, refine negotiating skills, help determine pricing and communicate complex issues in an easy-to-understand way.

While there may be times when you take your skills for granted, the list of REALTOR® advantages could help you take renewed pride in the career path you’ve taken.

Read the July Illinois REALTOR®.


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