Talking, planning can make September a successful REALTOR® Safety Month

The National Association of REALTORS® designates September as REALTOR® Safety Month and offers members numerous safety resources to help professionals safeguard client data and protect themselves from attack or injury.

Please take a look at the following tips and use them to start impromptu conversations about safety in the office, on the road, at open houses or in closings:

  • Beware of identity thieves. Shred all papers that contain personal information before you throw them away, including unwanted credit card applications and “convenience checks” that come in the mail, and papers containing your clients’ personal information.
  • Make it difficult for hackers to crack your passwords online. Create smart passwords by incorporating capital letters, numbers, special characters and by using more than six characters.
  • Computer viruses can be distributed via email. Never open an attachment from someone you don’t know, and, if you receive a strange or impersonal-sounding message from a familiar address, check with that person to make sure that they really sent it.
  • Avoid posting personal information on your social media profiles, such as where you were born, birth year or mother’s maiden name. This information could be used to answer potential security questions.
  • Always use a password on your smartphone, tablet and laptop. The extra step it takes to log-in could protect you and your clients in the event your device is stolen.

Get more information at REALTOR® Safety Home page.

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