Get “The 411 on Commercial Real Estate”

If you would like a better appreciation for the complexity of commercial real estate transactions, check out a new video resource available to Illinois REALTORS® members.

The 411 on Commercial Real Estate: What You Need to Know is a 3-hour video in a conversational format. Two experts discuss some of the intricacies commercial brokers encounter that may be foreign to residential brokers.

Learn what types of transactions to refer and gain a deeper appreciation for this fascinating extension of real estate practice. The timed outline of the video’s content is available on the Illinois REALTORS® commercial page.

This resource was developed as an initiative by the Illinois REALTORS® Commercial Committee and is free to all members. In the future, members may be able to purchase this video for CE credit.

The 411 on Commercial Real Estate: What You Need to Know is a good touchstone for brokers to understand the depth of training needed by commercial REALTORS®.

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