VIDEO – Illinois REALTORS® Relief Foundation and the 2015 Coal City tornado

When their home was severely damaged by the 2015 Coal City tornado, Jason and Devan Gagliardo discovered the Illinois REALTORS® Relief Foundation was waiting to help them, and families like them.

Established in 2015, the Illinois REALTORS® Relief Foundation can help those living in communities that have been affected by natural disasters.To learn more about IRRF and its mission, click here.


Legal Minutes: Mold Disclosure

Betsy Urbance and Jon Broadbooks

In the newest episode of Legal Minutes, Betsy Urbance, Director of Legal Services at Illinois REALTORS®, sits down with VP of Communications Jon Broadbooks to discuss what the legal requirements are regarding mold disclosure, and why Illinois REALTORS® no longer offers a mold disclosure form on its website.


Members can watch the video here.