Third Pro Standards Video gives 3 reasons why mediation tops arbitration

In many instances, mediation helps preserve the unique dynamic of cooperation between REALTORS® who are also in competition with each other, says REALTOR®/Trainer Diane Disbrow, GRI, CRS, ABR.

In “Professional Standards Toolkit 3 – The advantages of mediation,” Disbrow says mediations are better than arbitration because they promote communication between real estate agents and help both parties work better together in the future. Sometimes, the discussions reveal surprises that make resolutions come about more easily – such as buyer disloyalty.

Compared to arbitration hearings, mediations are:

  • Quicker,
  • Less formal and
  • Help restore the relationship between REALTORS®.

See all three videos in the Professional Standards Toolkit series.

Members-only video helps REALTORS® avoid social media mistakes

REALTORS® must properly identify their real estate business on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, according to the Illinois REALTORS® Professional Standards Toolkit Video, “Article 12 Compliance,” featuring President-elect Matt Difanis.

“REALTORS® must – in a readily apparent manner, not in the fine print – identify the full name of their firm, in all advertising, all marketing, in any medium,” says Difanis, speaking about Article 12 Compliance. “Some of the most frequent violations occur in social media context.” See the video.

Facebook tends to give users plenty of room to include the full name of the business, while Twitter can present challenges because of the 140-character limit per tweet. While the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) has amended Article 12-5 to allow members to link to required information, Difanis says Illinois License Law has not changed, so those who use such a link for tweets may still be technically violating the law.

Pro Standards Toolkit video explains difference between arbitration and mediation

When it comes to resolving disputes between REALTORS®, would you rather use arbitration or mediation?

In the first members-only Professional Standards Toolkit video, “Arbitration vs. Mediation,” REALTOR® and trainer Diane Disbrow, GRI, CRS, ABR, compares the two options, explaining who makes the final decisions in each scenario, the financial costs, the time needed and the after-effects of the decisions.

REALTORS® — Find out what’s right for you. See the video now.

RPAC fundraising kicks off at Professional Standards Workshops

(l to r) Doug Carpenter and Mike Drews reveal the winning name in the RPAC Raffle at the Pro Standards Workshop Tuesday.

RPAC raffles at the Illinois REALTORS® Professional Standards Workshops raised nearly $11,000.

Last year, our REALTOR® PAC helped elect pro-REALTOR®, pro-business candidates to public office, stopped efforts to expand sales tax to professional services and advertising as well as efforts to expand home rule in several communities.

In the year ahead, we will fight to protect the mortgage interest deduction and vigorously oppose potential changes to the standard deduction and the elimination of most individual deductions, which would eliminate the tax advantages of homeownership.

Jessica Devore of Green Acres Real Estate in Clinton and REALTOR® Judy Panozzo of Real People Realty, Inc., in Mokena won RPAC Raffles Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. Local Governmental Affairs Director and Member Outreach Manager Gideon Blustein received help from the following volunteers at the workshops: REALTORS® Jayme Ahlden, Karen Barbagallo, Doug Carpenter, Mike Drews, Mike Gross, Jim Haisler, Carol Meinhart, Mike Oldenettel, Judy Panozzo, Matt Persicketti, Karen Robertson, Madelyn Staack and Steve Volkodav. Thanks to every REALTOR® who contributed to the raffles with their time and money.

(Disclaimer: The REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) solicits contributions from Illinois REALTORS® members only.)

Illinois REALTOR® shows caring spirit

Marsha Collins-Mroz (left) spearheaded a spontaneous donation to a nearby food pantry Wednesday.

REALTOR® Marsha Collins-Mroz of Homesmart Connect LLC in Arlington Heights took it upon herself to collect unused apples, brownies and unopened bags of potato chips from boxed lunches at the Illinois REALTORS® Professional Standards Workshop in Oakbrook Terrace Wednesday.

She located a homeless shelter/food pantry by the time she left Drury Lane and volunteers met her to accept the donation.

Kudos to Collins-Mroz, a member of several committees for Illinois REALTORS®, including the: Global Working Group, Consulate General Liaison Working Group, Housing Opportunity Working Group, Professional Development Major Investor Group and Professional Standards Committee.