Illinois REALTORS® sworn in as state representatives

Illinois REALTORS® hosted a reception marking the beginning of the 100th General Assembly on Jan. 11, 2017, at the association’s Springfield headquarters. Attending was newly sworn in Rep. Tony McCombie, a REALTOR®. Shown, left to right, are Neil Malone, association Grassroots and Political Programs Manager; Julie Sullivan, Director of Legislative and Political Affairs; Rep. McCombie; Illinois REALTORS® CEO Gary L. Clayton; and Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Greg. St. Aubin.

The winners of November elections for the Illinois House of Representatives were sworn in today in a ceremony at the University of Illinois-Springfield, including newcomer Rep. Tony McCombie (71st District) and incumbents Rep. Sam Yingling (62nd District) and Rep. Mark Batinick (97th District).

All three are members of Illinois REALTORS®.

Illinois REALTORS® Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Greg St. Aubin talks to state Rep. Mark Batinick. Batinick, second from left, is one of several Illinois REALTORS® serving in the House.

McCombie, a REALTOR® since 2003, is a broker for Mel Foster Co. in Savanna and the owner of Blue Appraisals, LLC, a real estate company that serves clients in Illinois and Iowa. She has been the mayor of Savanna, a small town in northwestern Illinois along the Mississippi River. Prior to that, she served on the Savanna City Council.

Batinick was first elected to represent the 97th District in 2014 and won reelection in November 2016 when he ran unopposed. He is a broker associate for RE/MAX Professionals Select in Naperville.

State Rep. Sam Yingling

Yingling, a REALTOR® since 2002, defeated Republican challenger Rod Drobinski. Yingling is part of a family owned business, New Century Real Estate in Round Lake. He began serving his district in 2012 and won reelection in 2014 and 2016. Prior to that, he served as Avon Township supervisor in Lake County.

Also serving in the legislature are Rep. Keith Sommer and Sen. Bill Brady.


Majority of Opportunity Race and Independent Expenditure REALTOR®-backed candidates win General Assembly races

Source: Bigstock

Source: Bigstock

Thirteen of 16 Opportunity Race candidates and nine of 12 Independent Expenditure candidates running for the Illinois House of Representatives and the State Senate captured victories Tuesday.

Get a summary of election results by Julie Sullivan, Assistant Director Legislative and Political Affairs, a map of Illinois House results, a map of Illinois Senate results and an updated version of our Vote, Act, Invest page.

Opportunity Race winners in the Illinois House included:

  • State Rep. Mike McAuliffe (20th District),
  • State Rep. Sheri Jesiel (61st),
  • REALTOR® State Rep. Sam Yingling (62nd),
  • Challenger Steve Reick (63rd),
  • Challenger REALTOR® Tony McCombie (71st),
  • State Rep. David Welter (75th),
  • State Rep. Avery Bourne (95th) and
  • State Rep. Dan Beiser (111th).

Opportunity Race candidates are those candidates in hotly contested races targeted for additional grassroots outreach efforts, in addition to direct contributions. The candidates were identified by local associations and by the RPAC Trustees as REALTOR® Champions for their support of businesses, private property rights, economic growth and low taxes.

In addition, the Independent Expenditures (IE) program allowed for the mailing of postcards to likely voters in Illinois House races urging their support for REALTOR®-friendly candidates. Independent Expenditure mailings were designed and distributed without any coordination with the candidates or their campaigns. The following Representatives received IE support in their winning effort:

  • McAuliffe,
  • Jesiel,
  • Yingling,
  • Reick,
  • McCombie and
  • Bourne.

Unfortunately, two of our Champions, State Rep. Dwight Kay (112th) and State Rep. John Bradley (117th) received support through Opportunity Races and Independent Expenditures but lost.


The following five State Senate candidates who received Opportunity Race support won:

  • State Sen. Tom Cullerton (23rd),
  • State Sen. Melinda Bush (31st),
  • State Sen. Sue Rezin (38th),
  • State Sen. Jennifer Bertino Tarrant (49th) and
  • Challenger Paul Schimpf (58th).

Independent Expenditures helped three of four candidates win:

  • Bush,
  • Rezin and
  • Schimpf.

State Sen. Gary Forby (59th) received both kinds of support but, unfortunately, was not successful in his reelection bid.


Of the five candidates supported by the NAR RPAC Trustees within Opportunity Races, three were winners:

  • U.S. Rep. Bill Foster (111th),
  • U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos (117th) and
  • Raja Krishnamorrthi (open seat, 8th).

Two incumbents lost:

  • U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk and
  • U.S. Rep. Robert Dold.

Local races

The RPAC Trustees also approved Opportunity Race funding at the request of local associations in six races for county positions:

  • Jack Franks, McHenry County Board Chairman,
  • REALTOR® John Reinert, McHenry County Board,
  • Frank Haney, Winnebago County Board Chairman,
  • Tom Weigel, Will County Board,
  • Ray Tuminello, Will County Board and
  • REALTOR® Dan Patlak, Cook County Board of Review.

And five who received Independent Expenditure support won:

  • Aaron Lawlor, Lake County Board Chairman,
  • Don Moran, Will County Board,
  • Franks,
  • Reinert and
  • Haney.

Local referenda

REALTORS® also prevailed in the three home rule referenda where we urged a “no” vote. All three home rule referenda lost:

  • Auburn,
  • Westville and
  • Yorkville.

Get more details on these referenda, too.

Vote today Illinois REALTORS®!

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Bigstock image

Polling places open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. for Illinois voters in the general election.

To check whether you are registered to vote, find out the location of your polling place and more, visit the Illinois State Board of Elections website at:

Illinois REALTORS®, from Chicago to the Quad Cities, from Rockford to Cairo, from St. Louis metro area to Danville and everywhere in between, make your voices heard!



Illinois REALTORS®: Make your vote count Tuesday!


Support local, state and federal candidates who back private property rights, business, economic growth and lower taxes when you go to the polls tomorrow for the Illinois general election.

Here’s a recap of 22 candidates in Opportunity Races who deserve your vote. These candidates are in the most hotly contested races and, because of that, have received not only traditional RPAC support through direct contributions, but extraordinary support for outreach efforts to voters.

Illinois REALTORS® supported 16 candidates with Independent Expenditures – which means the association did not coordinate its support with the candidates or the candidates’ campaigns.

Illinois REALTORS® have also identified efforts to bring Home Rule to the Illinois communities of Auburn, Westville and Yorkville. Illinois REALTORS® opposes Home Rule because it allows local government officials to raise taxes on residents.

Find out your polling place. Illinois REALTORS® make a difference!

Today is the last day for some voting circumstances


Remember, Illinois REALTORS® today is the last day for several voting-related situations regarding the Illinois general election. For example, it is the last day registered voters can request a vote by mail ballot in person at their office of election authority, says the Illinois State Board of Elections (ISBE).

Also, it is the last day for early voting at locations designated by election authorities and for ‘nursing home’ voting.

In addition, it is the last day for curbside voting at the local election authorities or their designated alternate locations. According to the ISBE, curbside voting is when “temporarily or permanently physically disabled voters request two judges of opposite party affiliation deliver a ballot to a place where the voter is unable to continue forward motion to the polling place.”

However, grace period registration and voting continues through tomorrow.

For more information on all these subjects, visit the ISBE website.