Miller gets REALTOR® IE support in Freeport

Illinois REALTORS® mailed postcards to registered Freeport voters asking them to support Jodi Miller for mayor in the April 4 consolidated election.

The postcards are part of an independent expenditure campaign by Illinois REALTORS®. Independent expenditure activities take place in support of a candidate for public office without any coordination with the candidate or the candidate’s campaign.

The postcards say Miller wants to help businesses grow, better align skills training at local schools with business needs, and provide residents with property tax relief. Read more about Miller on her campaign’s Facebook page and support her if you reside in Freeport.


More REALTORS® need to speak out against rent control bill through Call for Action

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More Illinois REALTORS® need to voice their displeasure with House Bill 2430 so the proposal is stopped in committee or defeated by a vote.

Since March 6, more than 5,200 Illinois REALTORS® have said “no” to HB 2430 through the association’s Call for Action. The bill will repeal the Rent Control Preemption Act of 1997. Although its intent is to create rent control in Chicago, repealing the act would, by default, make rent control an option for all home rule units in Illinois, not just Chicago. To join your colleagues and tell House members HB 2430 is a threat to private property rights, click here.

Rent control is widely discredited by many – if not most – economists and many housing advocates. Rent control is counterproductive, is very complicated to administer and would have many unintended consequences. For a summary of reasons why REALTORS® object to HB 2430, go here.


Consolidated elections coming in three weeks: April 4

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Illinois consolidated elections will take place on Tuesday, April 4.

The Illinois State Board of Elections can provide you with information that can help you prepare for those elections. Find out the location of your polling places by locating your election authority.  Verify that you’re registered to vote by visiting here. In fact, you can have a myriad of questions answered on the “Information for Voters” page.

Illinois REALTORS® – make your voices heard!