Make your voice heard in local elections tomorrow: vote!

Illinois REALTORS® can vote for local candidates who support private property rights and lower taxes and encourage local business growth, and they can help defeat Home Rule bids in four communities in consolidated elections Tuesday.

For a list of candidates who have received REALTOR® support through independent expenditures and a list of communities who are considering Home Rule, go here. For an brief explanation of why REALTORS® oppose Home Rule, read this.

If you need help finding information about voting registration, locating your election authority and checking to make sure you’re registered to vote, visit the Illinois State Board of Elections website at



Just one week until election day!

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REALTORS®, you have just one week until Illinois holds its consolidated elections on April 4. Make sure you vote for the local candidates who understand your concerns as a real estate professional and want to preserve the rights of private property owners!

If you want to vote early or wait until election day, the Illinois State Board of Elections has a website that’s chock full of information about registration, voting options, locating your local election authority and more. Visit the site and make sure you’re prepared to exercise your right to make your voice heard!


REALTORS® host radio program to discuss key downtown Springfield development projects

Illinois REALTORS® CEO Gary Clayton (right) talks to Springfield radio personality Sam Madonia (left) Tuesday morning. Kent Massie is sitting next to Clayton.

The future development of the REALTORS® Bicentennial Plaza and the lot north of the Illinois Executive Mansion brought Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder, Springfield Alderman Herman Senor, Illinois REALTORS® CEO Gary Clayton and a local Springfield radio program to the Illinois REALTORS® headquarters Tuesday morning.

AM Springfield 1450, hosted by Sam Madonia, asked Clayton about the association’s donation of land, then discussed plaza development with Kent Massie, Principal Planner and Landscape Architect of Massie Massie & Associates. Langfelder explained his hopes for the project and its links to development of the lot that was formerly occupied by the recently-razed Springfield YWCA (sometimes referred to as the North Mansion Block).

Senor and Neil Malone, Manager of Grassroots and Political Programs, discussed the positive impact of the project on Springfield’s Second Ward.

Illinois first lady Diana Rauner talked about restoration plans for the Illinois Executive Mansion and how they would coincide with the state’s bicentennial in 2018. Rauner is chair of the Illinois Executive Mansion Association, a non-profit organization that raises money for the restoration. Ann Londrigan, Vice President, Member and Association Engagement explained how the restoration of the governor’s mansion and the bicentennial would coincide with local restoration projects that REALTORS® would be involved with around the state.

Vice President Communications Jon Broadbooks provided Madonia and his listeners with background information on Illinois REALTORS®, its role representing more than 44,000 members and its local role as a corporate citizen of downtown Springfield.



More REALTORS® need to speak out against rent control bill through Call for Action

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More Illinois REALTORS® need to voice their displeasure with House Bill 2430 so the proposal is stopped in committee or defeated by a vote.

Since March 6, more than 5,200 Illinois REALTORS® have said “no” to HB 2430 through the association’s Call for Action. The bill will repeal the Rent Control Preemption Act of 1997. Although its intent is to create rent control in Chicago, repealing the act would, by default, make rent control an option for all home rule units in Illinois, not just Chicago. To join your colleagues and tell House members HB 2430 is a threat to private property rights, click here.

Rent control is widely discredited by many – if not most – economists and many housing advocates. Rent control is counterproductive, is very complicated to administer and would have many unintended consequences. For a summary of reasons why REALTORS® object to HB 2430, go here.