Seal more deals with better communication

Anthony Huey presents Make Your Message Memorable at Illinois REALTORS® Conference & Expo May 10-11 in Collinsville

Do you get tongue-tied when talking to clients? Do you wish you could communicate more clearly? Learn how to be a more confident and persuasive speaker by attending Anthony Huey’s session “Making Your Message Memorable – Stand Up, Stand Out and Stand Apart” at the Illinois REALTORS® Conference & Expo in Collinsville, May 10-11, 2017.

This session is designed to help you secure more deals by becoming a dynamic communicator! Get a sneak peek in the video below. 

Huey is a highly-rated communications consultant, international keynote speaker and trainer. He will provide practical communications tools, tips and techniques that you can use immediately to make your message resonate with clients.

Illinois REALTORS® Conference & Expo general registration ends May 3. See the full conference schedule on our conference webpage and register here for just $149

Times are changing and so are we

A special thank you to the hundreds of IAR members who participated in the Illinois Association of REALTORS® strategic communications audit surveys. The electronic survey and phone interviews conducted by Stratton Publishing & Marketing, Inc. served as the basis for recommendations on ways to improve IAR’s communications delivery methods via print and online publications, e-mail, website navigation and social media. The audit included member feedback on the value, benefits and effectiveness of IAR publications as information sources, electronic mix and member preferences in order to refine communications to meet the organization’s goals.

With the results of this study, we eagerly look forward to fine-tuning our delivery options in order to provide you with more timely content relevant to your needs. We appreciate your comments in order to help us be more on target with our information delivery methods. We’ve learned a lot from this process.

It’s good to know that IAR communications are highly regarded by you and earn solid scores for overall reliability and content. We work hard to research and deliver the information you need and we will strive to do even better in the year ahead.

We know times are changing and so are we. You are asking for more information electronically especially for fast-breaking news relevant to your business. You can expect to see more electronic news in the year ahead.

Illinois REALTOR® Magazine - The official publication of the Illinois Association of REALTORS®While the Illinois REALTOR® Magazine is the most highly read publication for IAR, you can expect a new design for this publication in the new year and its sister e-publication, Illinois REALTOR® Weekly Connection, as we strive to make our publications the one-stop resource for the valuable association news and information you need for your business.