Governor calls General Assembly back June 21

Gov. Bruce Rauner

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a series of proclamations Thursday, calling members of the General Assembly to Springfield for a special 10-day session to resolve the state budget impasse. The session begins at noon June 21 and continues daily through the June 30 fiscal year deadline.

The proclamation kicking off the special sessions calls the General Assembly back to Springfield for “considering legislation, new or pending, which addresses a balanced budget and structural reforms including but not limited to property tax relief, job creation, worker’s compensation reform, government consolidation, education, term limits, pension reform and spending limitations.”

On Wednesday, just a day before Rauner’s announcement, House and Senate Republicans announced they had developed a balanced budget plan.

“Republicans in the General Assembly have laid out a compromise budget plan that I can sign,” Gov. Rauner said. “It provides a true path to property tax reduction and it reforms the way our state operates to reduce wasteful spending. It will fund our schools and human services, while spurring economic growth and job creation. It is a true compromise – and one I hope the majority in the General Assembly will accept.”

When the spring session ended on May 31, the state did not have a budget agreement despite several proposals developed in the House and Senate during previous weeks.