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Code of Ethics (Source: Forrester Research, Inc.)


Those participating in the blog should abide by the following Code of Ethics:


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Illinois REALTORS® Antitrust Policy

Topics that may give an appearance of an agreement to violate the antitrust laws may not be discussed on IARbuzz.com.

Members shall not discuss with any competitor their individual company policies relating to prices or related types of sensitive information, including (a) commission levels, fees, business expenses or other business information or policies which would allow or encourage price fixing or maintenance; (b) bids on contracts for particular properties or any information which would allow or encourage bid rigging; (c) a firm’s competitive business decisions; (d) duration or types of listing agreements the firm will enter into or the form of compensation the firm will accept or negotiate; (e) the compensation offered or paid to a firm’s agents or employees; (f) plans concerning any proposed or existing customers, clients or territories; (g) any other actions that might be construed as concerted attempts to restrain competition, including joint attempts to control or affect prices, market conditions, marketing practices, customer choice, or the like.

It is the responsibility of each member to avoid raising improper subjects for discussion. However, if discussion of any inappropriate topics occurs on IARbuzz.com, all members participating in the discussion should openly disassociate themselves from such discussions, and inform Illinois REALTORS® staff immediately.